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so done i'm getting burned

so tiered worked 15 hrs today..
got home and tryed to colapse into bed but can't sleep.

wants a cigerrette lol

i've been talking to a domme. actualy we've been out to dinner and have seen each other a few nothing happend ..bunch of dirty minds lol.
Well today she came to me and asked me what i want...i asked her what she meant. she said, i told her i didn't want to be collared on line and wanted to know if that was true. i asked her why she was asking she said she just wanted to make sure we where on the same page. That if she collared another i wouldn't be upset. i told her to go for it. no, i'm sooo done being collared on line. there's no one out there that can give me what i need...well there is one but thats not to be.
and i have meet her and even though we may play in r/l thats as far as it will go.
we have already had a few go rounds lol ...
she pinched my nipple and i slaped her hand away...lolol
and today i was having a real long day and i was cranky..while i was eating my lunch she called while i was in the resterant and started giving me shit..see last night she called and put me on hold ...and i can't waist my cell phone minetes thats my business so i hung up, Well while i was eating my lunch she calls (waisting my minutes again) and says she should hang up and never call again.
I said ohhh yea well go a head and hang up ..and i hung up lololol wasn't 10 seconds before she was calling me again apoligising lololol.
hayyy just between me you and all of LJ...I DONT REMEMBER GIVING HER MY SUBMISSION.
and i might be submissive but she should still give me respect.

at the rate she's going i wont be giving her my submission either lol
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