pampered_pet (pampered_pet) wrote,

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ginger bread girl

well that Mistress called me again tell me she didn't collar anyone..think maybe she was just trying to see what my reaction might be? *grinzzzz*

I keep telling her she needs to get her IM up and running so we could talk on line...So today she's been trying to make a yahoo IM.

owwwww i dont know if i want to tell her. not all yahoo's i can get if they dont have a net passport lolololol.

chuckles ...ahhh but she can run as fast as she can she cant catch me i'm the ginger bread girl lolol. at the point i'm at i dont even know if i want to play with her r/t and i definatly know i dont want to be collared to her on line. but i do need r/t..*sighs*
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