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settled in

Well i'm all settled into my new place.
Happy and comfy.

I'm all excited my company when live online today...i hope it brings the business i so much need. Things are getting better but i know that i need alot of better before next winter...i dont think i can survive another winter like the last one....i know i can't.

Mistress and i had a nice talk. i was feeling so the point of taking a blow torch and setting all the dommes chairs on fire just to get attention...sorry all you dommes out there reading this ...yes it was me that set your chair on fire....snickers...but you will be happy to know Mistress has taken my matches and blow torch away...pouts
....hehehe but i still have my magnifying glass.
Even thou Mistress and i would talk for hours online it seemed she didn't want to play with me anymore. But she explained that it wasn't she didn't want to play just so much was going on in my life ...then when we get that straightend out her life goes wacky...but she still enjoys playing with me ...weg.

...pulls out her squirt gun and gets sis right between the eyes...giggles and runs off
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