pampered_pet (pampered_pet) wrote,

giggling hysterically

giggles filling the last of the balloons...

...drags and pushes ...pushes and drags a box bigger then she is filled with balloons into the pain room when nobody is around..

....ties a rope around the box and hoists it up to the rafters...

...carefully sets it teetering off the edge of a rafter, so as the room fills with people the vibrations from all the noise will make the box tip spilling all the balloons filled with laughing gas down on the crowd...

...slides down one of the polls and quickly setting whoopee cushions on all the Masters and Mistress chairs...

now when they sit on the cushion and yell it will send the balloons flouting down on the crowd. Making all there subbies ROFL hysterically @ there Masters and Mistresses.....

giggles and scampers out of the room quickly before she's cought
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